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Get Excited about B2B Gateways

Find out what it is that makes Jentrata special


In the automated electronic exchange of business data between organizations, standardisation becomes a major issue - hence the need for universal standards under Electronic Data Interchange. Increasingly the benefits of standards based e-commerce are being seen within different industry sectors where the value chain spans organizations. In Logistics this often the AS2 standard, whereas in Telecommunications, Utilities, and the Auto industry the ebXML protocol is often chosen. These types of protocols are functionally quite similar, they offer a feature rich messaging envelope that carries an application specific payload. Typically this payload might be an XML document based on an industry standard schema, or it might be a CSV batch file or some application specific binary file. This is where the Jentrata B2B Gateway is excels as it not only provides standards based secure and highly reliable platform stability and scalability, it also delivers messaging under global standards for information interchange like the AS2 and ebXML protocols.

Jentrata leverages the full functionality of various data standards on a single gateway. This makes it very useful for any organization who wishes to enter an industry marketplace, or perform secure, non-repudiable high-volume business exchanges with one or more business partners in a closed value chain vertical. Or do both. Because Jentrata is free open source code, where an organisation needs to introduce a custom B2B exchange, usually at the behest of a larger trading partner, Jentrata is the ideal framework to house this protocol as a pluggable module, either in a free standing deployment, or side by side in the Jentrata gateway with other existing standard messaging partnerships. Jentrata can support a trading network with an arbitrary number of partners using multiple protocols providing a super effective business to business gateway, unifying all B2B messaging under a single administrative centre.

Jentrata is designed for direct internal ESB or messaging connectivity, and forthcoming versions will have a highly configurable relationship between payload message types, trading partner messaging agreements, and specific message queues. Jentrata also has inward facing Web Service capability.