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ebXML comes into the daylight

Posted by neilbelford on 07 Jun 2011 ebXML comes into the daylight

Ten years ago I took on a design and deliver role as the architect of the B2B system for the about to be privatised Victorian gas market. About ten minutes into my work - well maybe a little more - the Program Manager came and said ‘so what message transport mechanism are we going to use’. I hedged. I wasn’t ready to answer that question yet, I had some ideas but I didn’t have the right arguments. It was a hard problem. Still is. I had ebXML in mind as the market solution, but I was uncertain of the reception… Continue Reading » ————-

Time to get supported?

Posted by arthurmarinis on 19 May 2011 Time to get supported?

Jentrata subscriptions provide an enterprise ready bundle that can be confidently deployed to manage even your most critical integrations. Using Hermes as the baseline, the goal of Jentrata is to enhance, improve and simplify B2B integration. A Jentrata subscription allows you to take advantage of our innovations from the most trusted source of open source technologies. A subscription ensures that you benefit from open source at your own pace and receive ongoing value from your investment. Jentrata subscriptions give you access to the latest technology as it is tested and released. This includes upgrades to newer releases at no additional… Continue Reading » ————-