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Jentrata Open Source B2B Gateway

With heritage from Hermes, Jentrata is enhanced, maintained, supported, and has an active community.

Welcome to Jentrata

Jentrata is an Open Source B2B Gateway that uses the Hermes code as a baseline. Jentrata has taken the Hermes Gateway, extended it and provided enhancements to it that improve its performance, configurability and maintainability. Key amongst these improvements is the operational stability, and the provision for Jentrata to integrate directly with an ESB or other messaging backbone.

Features of Jentrata

  • Jentrata is an enterprise grade B2B Gateway that is a standards compliant ebXML 2.0 MSH and AS2 gateway that has full Application/Infrastructure support available on the ebXML gateway.
  • It has a growing community of expert participants and of implementations, driven by the quality and availability of support and the clear product roadmap - which includes a forthcoming AS4 / ebXML3.0 implementation.
  • Free, open source, standards based code, fully compliant with NBN ebXML MSH standards - with the same codebase used in the supported and community versions
  • Available as a production ready Tomcat binary download, or deployable to Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss AS, or any other JEE compliant Application Server.
  • Available as a freestanding SaaS solution.